Sunday, March 2, 2014


I'm not sure exactly where the idea came from, probably multiple places, but Rob and I started a thing with Finn where we rotate out his toys. It seems to be an effective way to keep Finn's interest in toys longer and also to not have a billion toys out for him to play with...although, there still are pa-lenty. With Finn's birthday being around Christmas, I was worried about the amount of stuff we'd all the sudden have. Just the overabundance is what I was worried about, and this little trick seems to work well. I'm sure we'll try to keep carrying this over as he gets older.

Imagine him being 16 ... Me: Okay Finn, time for Mommy to take your cell away for a little bit. 

He'll be totally cool with that, right? Ah, teenagers and their need for independence. ;)

Saturday morning the boy woke up and ate and was as happy as can be...then we went into his room to play...

But after a little bit of playing with his toys, he leaned back and thought...hmm...I'm kinda bored with everything out right now...

So then he went on the hunt...(this is the basket we store his other toys in that we try to rotate)

With my assistance we pulled out a few "new" toys. An old favorite of his was brought back out and the fascination he has with this toy still lives on...


If only Jack hadn't eaten the adorable bat that went with this baseball tee, grrr, but we still can play with it...

His room is looking a little full on the toy side lately, so I'll probably put some away. It's been so interesting and fun seeing him not care about a toy one month, and then the next month he's obsessed. Ah, toy psychology.

Hope you all are doing well. I think I may have Rob help me hang our bathroom cabinet tomorrow. Lately house fun house stuff (aka decorating, updating, painting, crafting) have been on the back-burner. But I know in time I'll get back into it soon.

Right now I just want to bask in the fact that laundry is in progress. Dishes are done. Grocery shopping is complete and a wide open Sunday is ahead of us. Just perfect.


  1. We have big bins that we keep hidden in the closet.

    Also, when given a new toy that has batteries, take out the batteries. Then, as time passes and the toy is no longer interesting, add the batteries back, and toy. And annoyed parents, but whatever.

    1. That's hilarious about the batteries, and pretty genius at the same time. We have lots to learn! :))



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