Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Continuing with my get-on-it-already-and-hang-stuff kick, I finally hung up something over the piano. And it's not the peacock picture that's been leaning there for year(s?) now. 

My dear stepmotha gave us this mirror. I didn't know where to put it originally, but knew we'd make use of it. At first I was thinking of hanging it above the chair we used to take Finn's monthly pics (sniff, sniff) but then Rob suggested over the piano. And yet again, Rob shoots and scores another brilliant idea.

It's perfect for reflecting light from the windows on the opposite wall and highlighting the various touches of black contrast that goes around the room.

Those little green topiaries are my friends...found on clearance at precious Target.

I spy a little Finn and his sippy cup...going to town on that apple juice.

House projects aside, I'm not gonna lie, I've been a little down. Overall, just anxious for our schedules to change. I feel like a broken record. But it's been almost a year of Rob and I barely seeing each other for more than 15 minutes a day because of work schedules. He's understandably tired all the time from his incredibly long hours and our weekends feel too short. We still hold on to hope of getting out of this, but I can't say that there aren't days when it's harder to digest the circumstances than others.

So all that to say that during dinner with Finn tonight, I put on some music and this beautiful song of Louis Armstrong's came on and we had ourselves a little dancing session.

The combination of the music and giggles were absolutely refreshing to my soul. So thankful to God for moments like this that help me through the rough patches.

Maybe if Finn doesn't find it too weird (since it is a love song) maybe this can be on our short list of dance songs to dance at his wedding one day. Oh boy...why did I think that...hello tears. 

Nothing like being a mama to a baby boy. <3


  1. I love the pic of u and Finn dancing! He is having a blast and loves his mama!



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