Sunday, March 23, 2014

You've Got Mail

Since we've been in this house we've had the problem of dumping our mail and the contents of Rob's pockets in the corner of our kitchen counter. With that in mind, I've always looked at this little space of wall by our front door and wanted to do something with it. You know, make it functional.

We don't have a foyer or anything, just this little corner. So this week I stumbled across this adorable mail organizer at Target. It was on sale and with an additional discount for a chip in the wood, it came out to $27.

I also figured it would be helpful for us to have a calendar as well to keep our weeks straight, as sometimes it can feel a lil hectic (as not shown on the calendar for this month, lol)...

I really like the look of it...great storage, a place for my umbrella and hats or jackets and it ties in with the wood color of the piano across the room.

It's one of those little updates that I know we'll appreciate for many days to come. Maybe me more than Rob. I can't stop staring at the dang corner, I'm lovin it so much. There's just something about function, eh?

I have a few more things to hang on the walls...hanging stuff is definitely my least favorite thing to do but I'm in the zone. So more to come. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, friends. :))


  1. Very clever, good job ;) it's the little improvements that make a big difference!

    1. So true, D. We recently added a key hook (no idea why we waited so long on that) and what a wonderful thing knowing exactly where your keys are. ;))

  2. Love your organizer! Like yours, I have one in our hallway just inside the door, and love seeing my cheerful envelopes waiting to go out for the day as well as our spare keys, etc. It really is a great way to stay organized!

    1. Thanks so much Meg! I'm definitely happy that we found a solution for our little entry. Oh the possibilities our walls hold. :))



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