Monday, April 28, 2014

Utensil Time

This boy. Just growing and learning by leaps and bounds. He's really on a spike right now...he's starting to really mimic some words like up, down, more, Jack, hi, ma, da, car, cow. So much going on and he's also starting to get the hang of his utensils.

In the pic below you'll see his daddy photo-bombing from his car in the background. He reversed and drove forward to get into the shots probably 6 times. :)

Big boy...

Then he thought it would be hilarious to dump his plate of spaghetti on the tray. Those two little teeth and that smile. Love.

I know blog updates have been a lil slow lately. I've been getting my creative juices out by working on some paintings for our living room. Gonna get back to that after I have my nightly bowl of cereal...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Beauty

I haven't been feeling very wordy lately with my posts. Just kinda tired I suppose. We woke up with the intention of going to church (we were all dressed and everything) however with not having a church home (we're currently looking), it felt weirder than ever and long story short we didn't go anywhere. We ended up staying home till going to my dad's house for lunch. Finn squeezed in a nap, and from the stress of our morning, Rob and I squeezed in a nap as well. It was good.

Here are a few pics from the day...

The first thing he takes out of his basket? The bag of cookies.

Probably one of the last few beautiful days we'll have in Florida before summer. The kids had fun with their egg hunt.

Fierce competitors.

Finn? Not so interested. But he had fun putting the egg in his basket and then bouncing the basket up and down until it fell out. :)

Love when he sticks his lil chest and belly out.

My favorite pic of these two.

It's a normal but sweet thing for pics of Rob and I to have one good one, but with Rob's eyes closed. I don't mind though. It's us. I love my guy. <3

Happy Easter to you all, thankful for this day more than words could ever express.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Here's some of the latest off of my phone of the sweet boy...

<3 <3 <3

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Boy and His Balloon

We had a full weekend. Good, but full. We brought home this red balloon from a friend's little boy's birthday party. Although Finn seems a little leery around the thing, he warmed up to it for a little bit. Only picked up my camera once this weekend for these few shots. Our baby boy growing up so quickly.

This pic cracks us up. Pretty sure the balloon bounced in his face causing him to give this look, but I can't help but see the caption as..."Yeah, I have no pants on. And I've got my balloon. And my duckie. And what?"


Friday, April 11, 2014

Chart It

I think a lot of people have fond memories of a place in your childhood home that tracked your height as you grew. I know some families that wrote it on a door frame or a wall. At my family home, it was (still is) the back of the door in the pantry. It has all of our heights on there and some. Yep, even the dogs have been charted. I think my earliest height was when I was three (which is when we moved down to Florida). I still remember how different our house looked when I was that small. I remember I just wanted to be tall enough to do the dishes. Hah, little did I know.  

With all that said, I knew I wanted something for our family. But with not knowing how long we'll stay in this house, the idea of having something that's removable is appealing. (side note: if my house I grew up in ever changed owners, I hope they'll just deal with not having a pantry door)

So I've had my eyes on this simple but lovely growth chart I found on Kim's Sister Shop on Etsy here. The ruler growth chart is pretty popular in the DIY world, a lot of DIY versions of it on a piece of wood and then the numbers stenciled on (to actually look like a blown up ruler). But I fell for this canvas version. And the idea of not having to really put any holes in the wall but just a tiny nail sounded pleasant too.

Here's the spot I decided to hang it...

And here is it...

It's a scanned image of a vintage ruler, so the various imperfections are supposed to be there. It's printed on a great quality canvas and even has adhesives on the back to help hold it in place.

I'm liking the new view.

Now just gotta get crackin and chart this sweet boy on there (and Rob and I...but no rush on that as I'm pretty sure we're done growing) Finn's grown substantially--length wise, but he's still tiny. He's had a few pairs of new pants that he didn't get much time to wear before outgrowing.

Anyone else have a place you chart your heights? Is it movable? Or would you just have to rip out the door frame if you were to leave? I'm totally serious about that pantry door. :D

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Flower Bed of Shame Has Been Redeemed

I may have caught the gardening bug. I'm just hoping my thumb will be green instead of black. Yep, I did the unthinkable for Lisa. I have redeemed my flower bed of shame.

Here's a far away before...

And after...I know they look tiny right now, but the plan is for growth. Please, Lord, let there be growth.

So let's rewind and look a little closer. Prettttty...

So I started the work by shoveling up the old red mulch and dead plants into a pile. There were also a ton of pebbles in the dirt, like a whole lot. So I dug those up as well and then mixed in the new garden soil. Never knew the satisfaction of working the ground for new plants.

Then the fun part came...spacing out these lovelies and planting them.

I've been a fan of those green foxtail ferns for a mom says they're hardy plants. I hoping that rings true. Rob said he felt we should put a "You're Welcome" sign to our neighbors. 

A lil pressure washing is in our future for sure. But I'm looking past that right now.

I have more plans as our yard has plennnnnnty of room for growth. 

Thank you neighbors for your patience. 

This one's for you. :-D

Monday, April 7, 2014

Park Time

Although we don't have any parks within walking distance, we do have one that's only a 5 minute drive away and it's really beautiful. Right on the river. So after work on Friday (thank you daylight savings) I packed Finn and his dinner up and we went to the park. 

We rode around in his car for a little bit...then got to swinging.

Although it may appear he didn't enjoy it, he did. This blurry pic shows his initial reaction...

I think we'll be making plenty of trips to this beautiful place. This boy has definitely shown that he loves the outdoors...lots of fun and adventures ahead. <3


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