Thursday, April 3, 2014

200 Posts Later - Some of My Faves

I can't believe I've shared over 200 posts on this blog. So in honor of that milestone I thought I'd take a second to look back at some of my favorites. I'm not going to include those on the sidebar of this blog, the most popular posts, as many of those are my faves as well (like my post about Larsen, Finn's Nursery, Finn's first Halloween and Christmas), but these are some that I've forgotten about but still enjoy.

Bump Updates - I do find myself going back to these updates when pregnant with Finn, the time truly went so stinkin fast, I'm so glad I wrote a few things down while the weeks trucked on. (don't mind the unnatural tan-ness this photo gives off..I'm as pale as they come) :))

DIY Burlap Letter Art with Homemade Stencil - This one goes far back, but you know how we can be our own worst critics when it comes to our creations? This one I really loved how it turned out from the beginning and it was super easy.

Finn's Monthly Updates - These posts too, I love to look back on. So much change happens in that first year. If only we could go back to the days where he loved having his diaper change...the boy currently still is not a fan.

Paint Swatch Art - I get flashbacks to what felt like endless nights gluing these little circles on this picture. Good times, but still really pleased with this project.

Not My Finest Moment - Ah, this was good. Calling out my bad attitude with Rob and looking to grow from it. Oh and then some random pictures of Finn. Cause you know, I didn't think to take pictures of myself while I was acting like a foo. ;))

Birth Story - Yeah, this one definitely is a favorite. I still wish I could get footage of my mom and sister running down the hallway when they heard I was about to start pushing. Such a wonderful and awe-filled day.

Destin Vacay - It can be very necessary to relive vacations...yes, necessary for the soul. In fact, I like living vicariously through others vacations as well...I don't judge. :))

Finn's Birthday and Video - The party was sweet and the video really just made my heart swell making it. I'll be clear though, I think this will be a thing that I only do for the first year for our kids. Cause making videos ain't no joke in the time department. But overall...thankful to have it for Rob and I to look back on.

Free to Struggle - Yep. This song is still a go-to. Speaks so incredibly deeply to me as I feel my faith is getting deeper as I get out of my own way.

There are many other posts that I do like going back to, and then there's some that I'm like...whaaaaaat was I thinking? Oh the random moods I can get in. Nothing like bloggers remorse, lol...I kid, I kid. But really...what happens when I'm alone and bored is just smack my head worthy...

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I just went back and looked at Finns first year video again. It was crying all over again, it's so sweet!!! Love it. Job well done for sure :)



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