Friday, April 11, 2014

Chart It

I think a lot of people have fond memories of a place in your childhood home that tracked your height as you grew. I know some families that wrote it on a door frame or a wall. At my family home, it was (still is) the back of the door in the pantry. It has all of our heights on there and some. Yep, even the dogs have been charted. I think my earliest height was when I was three (which is when we moved down to Florida). I still remember how different our house looked when I was that small. I remember I just wanted to be tall enough to do the dishes. Hah, little did I know.  

With all that said, I knew I wanted something for our family. But with not knowing how long we'll stay in this house, the idea of having something that's removable is appealing. (side note: if my house I grew up in ever changed owners, I hope they'll just deal with not having a pantry door)

So I've had my eyes on this simple but lovely growth chart I found on Kim's Sister Shop on Etsy here. The ruler growth chart is pretty popular in the DIY world, a lot of DIY versions of it on a piece of wood and then the numbers stenciled on (to actually look like a blown up ruler). But I fell for this canvas version. And the idea of not having to really put any holes in the wall but just a tiny nail sounded pleasant too.

Here's the spot I decided to hang it...

And here is it...

It's a scanned image of a vintage ruler, so the various imperfections are supposed to be there. It's printed on a great quality canvas and even has adhesives on the back to help hold it in place.

I'm liking the new view.

Now just gotta get crackin and chart this sweet boy on there (and Rob and I...but no rush on that as I'm pretty sure we're done growing) Finn's grown substantially--length wise, but he's still tiny. He's had a few pairs of new pants that he didn't get much time to wear before outgrowing.

Anyone else have a place you chart your heights? Is it movable? Or would you just have to rip out the door frame if you were to leave? I'm totally serious about that pantry door. :D

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