Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Beauty

I haven't been feeling very wordy lately with my posts. Just kinda tired I suppose. We woke up with the intention of going to church (we were all dressed and everything) however with not having a church home (we're currently looking), it felt weirder than ever and long story short we didn't go anywhere. We ended up staying home till going to my dad's house for lunch. Finn squeezed in a nap, and from the stress of our morning, Rob and I squeezed in a nap as well. It was good.

Here are a few pics from the day...

The first thing he takes out of his basket? The bag of cookies.

Probably one of the last few beautiful days we'll have in Florida before summer. The kids had fun with their egg hunt.

Fierce competitors.

Finn? Not so interested. But he had fun putting the egg in his basket and then bouncing the basket up and down until it fell out. :)

Love when he sticks his lil chest and belly out.

My favorite pic of these two.

It's a normal but sweet thing for pics of Rob and I to have one good one, but with Rob's eyes closed. I don't mind though. It's us. I love my guy. <3

Happy Easter to you all, thankful for this day more than words could ever express.

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