Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Flower Bed of Shame Has Been Redeemed

I may have caught the gardening bug. I'm just hoping my thumb will be green instead of black. Yep, I did the unthinkable for Lisa. I have redeemed my flower bed of shame.

Here's a far away before...

And after...I know they look tiny right now, but the plan is for growth. Please, Lord, let there be growth.

So let's rewind and look a little closer. Prettttty...

So I started the work by shoveling up the old red mulch and dead plants into a pile. There were also a ton of pebbles in the dirt, like a whole lot. So I dug those up as well and then mixed in the new garden soil. Never knew the satisfaction of working the ground for new plants.

Then the fun part came...spacing out these lovelies and planting them.

I've been a fan of those green foxtail ferns for a mom says they're hardy plants. I hoping that rings true. Rob said he felt we should put a "You're Welcome" sign to our neighbors. 

A lil pressure washing is in our future for sure. But I'm looking past that right now.

I have more plans as our yard has plennnnnnty of room for growth. 

Thank you neighbors for your patience. 

This one's for you. :-D

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