Monday, April 28, 2014

Utensil Time

This boy. Just growing and learning by leaps and bounds. He's really on a spike right now...he's starting to really mimic some words like up, down, more, Jack, hi, ma, da, car, cow. So much going on and he's also starting to get the hang of his utensils.

In the pic below you'll see his daddy photo-bombing from his car in the background. He reversed and drove forward to get into the shots probably 6 times. :)

Big boy...

Then he thought it would be hilarious to dump his plate of spaghetti on the tray. Those two little teeth and that smile. Love.

I know blog updates have been a lil slow lately. I've been getting my creative juices out by working on some paintings for our living room. Gonna get back to that after I have my nightly bowl of cereal...


  1. Thank you Jenny! It's so fun watching their little (or big) personalities come out. :))



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