Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Little Mister

We had a very nice mother's day weekend. Because of the nagging frequent guilt of feeling like I never do enough (it's a work in progress), I let myself relax and let Rob do stuff for me. I even let him drive! LOL...yeah, it's kinda a joke that I say I like to drive and Rob doesn't (which he totally doesn't care to drive) but we've come to realize it's probably just me liking to be in control. Yeah, but I totally forgot how nice it can be to "passenge". I just might do it more in the future. Maaaybe.

Like I said, it's a work in progress.

So after a great and chaotic day of going out with our own mother's on Saturday (chaos not due to our dear mothers, but due to Finn not having the time of his life in those highchairs) we had all of Sunday to celebrate me. Lol, I'm kidding...I'm in a weird mood. Anyway, we grabbed some Panera after church, got home and went out back to take a pic with the nice camera of me and my boy. Rob tries to take the pic and the battery dies. Womp, womp. So a phone pic will suffice. I love how you can see Finn trying to say "cheeeeeeeeese", a new little feat of his. <3

So over the weekend, it was also discovered that somehow little Finn holds a pen quite marvelously. Maybe it's just me being a proud mama, but it's awesome to watch this boy adjust his fingers ever so perfectly to draw intricate details or lines and circles on the paper. He also would lean in with a serious look of concentration. Seriously, just beaming watching this boy grow.

Those teeeeeeeeth...rarely get to see those top ones. :-D

He'll be writing love letters to his mama in no time! ;)

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  1. What a big boy!! I can't believe how well he holds the pen. So sweet :)



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