Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Stuff and a Surprise Climb

Rob and I have lived in our house for almost 4 years. This is what I have to remind myself when I feel bad for buying a blanket or a toss pillow. (it's not Rob who minds, it's my frugal self) This room sat empty for 3 years...hence I get excited for the little purchases that are making this room more us. 

With that said, I recently purchased that yellow pillow in the background and this beautiful blanket. Both from Target. I wanted a lighter blanket for naps, since all we really had were fleece blankets. Fleece + Florida heat = no no. 

Target has these blankets/throws in a few different colors, orange, teal, yellow, navy and gray. Really like it though, it's got a great weight to it and feels like it'll last a long time. Oh and there's little Finn keeping an eye on the neighborhood birds.  

Speaking of lil Finn...while I was taking these pics the little nugget did something that gave me a lil shock. He climbed the couch. Yes, life as we know it, is over. 

He was quite proud. :))

Even climbed up the new I know one day I'm gonna find him standing on the back of the couch.

We then went for a ride in Finn's car and headed out back. Our gardenia tree is blossoming and it smells amazing. The only sad thing is how quickly these blooms die...they don't last long.

Finn looking for birds while I was taking pics. Looking pretty relaxed in that car, huh?

And here's Jack sitting around waiting for Finn to throw him a stick.

Then we went back inside. There's so many moments that I keep trying to soak up as much as I can. I know with pictures and videos we can preserve memories, but it's something else when I just close my eyes in the moment, breathe in his sweet baby skin and thank God for this child.

Will be sharing some artwork on here soon...been spending lots of time painting and brainstorming. And Grey's Anatomy binge watching. :))

Hoping you all are well.

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