Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Days

It's definitely feeling like summer here in the F-L. I knew last Friday that I wanted to get out of the house with the boy after work and get some ice cream in our bellies. Sometimes I realize I'm sticking to my healthy food regimen for the baby boy so closely, that I forget about the treats. So ice cream it is.  

My sister and nephew were with us and we then ventured over to the park afterward. I was perfectly content going down the little slides with Finn and then my sister peer pressured me to go down the high one. It was so fast that my legs went up at the end, and even a little elbow burn occurred in the process. I think Finn enjoyed it though, lol. No picture of the legs in the air thankfully.

The next day we had a visit from my sweet dad and brother and we went to lunch on the river. Such a beautiful day, it brought a glimpse of vacation that is ahead of us. Ah, don't get me on the topic of vacation...I won't stop I'm telling you. I'm a lover of all things vacations...even don't mind living vicariously through others vacations. Gotta have pictures though, for the full effect.

We were also pleasantly surprised to see Finn taking to wearing a hat. This sweet kid...

So funny visiting parks that I used to run around at...and here we are running around with our own little one.

I think the boy's going through another growth spurt. He's almost always signing and saying "moe" (more).

These cups that hold cheerios/snacks are so genius. There's times that I wish I lived in other eras...but when it comes to baby stuff that we have nowadays, I wouldn't trade it.

So I'm gonna be a nerd and share some of my mother's day purchases in a post soon. I received a few gift cards that led me to purchase some stuff for the house. Fancy nice to finally meet you.

Happy new week to you all <3


  1. Okay.... Hat and flip flops!!! Does it get any cuter?? Love that boy :)

    1. I know, those flip flops get me too. They're so tiny! :))



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