Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thankful for Ordinary Weekends

Woke up Saturday morning and decided to make some muffins. After mama had a baking brain freeze, we finally got these bad boys baked and ready to eat. As you can see Finn in the background, he was ready to EAT.

Geez mom, finally...

Wait that's all I get?! 

Aw, mama, you teased me...now give me another...

Sunday we headed to my dad and Marlene's place...swam, ate, swam and ate again. Love being with family. And how refreshing it is to have a family member that has a pool...it's the best. (that last part said in my best Nacho Libre accent)

That above pic reminded me of a clone pic we took at our vacation in Destin last year. Same sunnies and suit, Finn wearing the same top in the same float...lol. Oh and not smiling at'tall. :))

But back to the present, we also snagged a pic of the three of us...

Here's the boy sporting his shades and hat. I'm pretty sure his second cousin has the same sunglasses.

Love these two...

I'm proud to say that those muffins were eaten up pretty quickly this weekend...Rob may or may not have had the majority of them, but Finn was a fan too. Even though they were just made out of a box, it still made me happy to see them enjoy them. And now that I know they'll be eaten, maybe I'll look for a homemade recipe to try next. Oh and maybe I'll remember to add water to the mixture next time...... . . . . . . . . .  .

We were swooning over Finn's little tiny bites out of the muffin. Lol...first time parents, what can we say?

Monday was a lil chaotic, but still there were moments of remembering the day and those who gave and lost their lives in service to our country. I thought about how they gave up having ordinary weekends with their loved ones. It's a sacrifice I can't truly fathom, but I am so thankful to them. Thankful for this freedom.


  1. I so much enjoy seeing pictures of that boy. His facial expressions crack me up! It was all about those muffins lol

    1. Aw, thanks D. I love it too, if only we'd get him to laugh in pics of the three of us. We just need someone to do a dance or something in the background to make him laugh. Kiss that baby boy for me! xoxo



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