Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Backyard Visitor

A funny looking penguin came to visit us this evening. Finn was intrigued for a second...

Then went to pick up rocks...

Then finally got in the thing (much to mama's delight, yeah it was only $15, but still!)... ;)

And then he got out and ran down the other side of the yard...

Then came back with a newly discovered object...

Oh wait...this IS kinda fun, ma!


I'm learning...the only thing bad about introducing something new is when it's time for dinner and you have to take the little one away from the new thing. Not a happy camper. But the weird looking penguin will definitely get some good use this summer.

Happy almost Friday everyone!!!


  1. How fun! Looks like Finn had a great time!

  2. He definitely did, D. It was a two bath kindof night, one after this and one after dinner. We're definitely in the messy stage of things. And I don't think that goes away till they move out. :))



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