Saturday, June 28, 2014


Rob's last night working the late night shift was yesterday. In short, after over a year of saying goodbye to him 30 minutes after I get home from work, all I can say is that I'm extremely happy it was the last goodbye we had to say to him. Thankful beyond words for the sacrifice he made for our little family. There's no way I would've been able to do what he did. <3 

We're gonna be off the grid in a little bit soon (vacation, baby!)...but for now we're hanging at home. Rob is off enjoying his freedom with a much needed game night tonight with some other boys. Due to the heat, I kept the boy indoors today. (I seriously need to find one of those splash pads around here) We played in our "new room" (office/guest room) for a bit. Finn found the fascination of climbing through the desk...

He then got to coloring with his markers. The kind that only work on the special paper. He loves it.

 He doesn't love being told not to put the marker in his mouth though...

Yeah, this is his new pouting position. Or sometimes he'll flail his little arms and run full speed after being corrected. Oh man. The testing has begun. Mama and daddy need to study.

We later transitioned to cooking dinner time. He pushed the chair in here from the dining room and proceeded to eat his raisins while I cooked. You can see some of them stuck to his leg...yeah, they kinda look like little bugs. I'm not a fan of stepping on those in the dark.

There's a lot of things lately that I've been soaking up that I don't want to forget about. Like our nighttime routine.

I get his diaper changed then we go to the kitchen and give Jack a goodnight treat, turn off all of the lights on that side of the house and head to his room. We then hit the metal lamp to make a bell noise a few times, then turn on the noise machine and turn off the light. His head then instantly falls to my shoulder. I then sing to him a few songs I've made up (one of them the words really don't make any sense, but we both like it). He usually hops his little legs while I sing. Sometimes we spin. We just started doing butterfly kisses and he's fascinated by it. We then pray together and he's usually still when I pray. Then I sing again. He rubs the feet of his ducky pacifier in his eyes when he's sleepy. Tonight when I was singing, he rubbed the ducky's foot in my eye...sweet boy. <3 Then we swat the origami birds hanging over his crib and then I lay him down.

With all of the hard moments, the trying moments in between, it's good to remember this good stuff. Stuff we wouldn't trade.

Hoping you all are doing well and staying cool. I'm off to search for splash pads. We need more water fun in our life. Stat.

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