Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Yeah, I definitely had to look up that word up to make sure I spelled it correctly.

So yeah, I've kind of reveled in the loveliness of not having a project to work on (aka the guest room/office) and have instead dived into watching (nerd alert) Battlestar Galactica.

Now this is a spacey show Rob would sometimes put on when Finn was a little infant. It didn't catch my attention but that's because I didn't know the context and the characters. Rob one day urged me to at least watch the opening episode and see what I thought. He even boldly compared it to "Lost" comparing it to our love for deep character story. So one night when he was working, I tried it out. And I liked it enough to keep going and now I'm hooked. And here I am writing a paragraph about it, lol.

Anyway, so this past weekend Rob and I went away for our first overnight away from the boy. We had a wedding to attend of a dear friend of mine and it was just far enough away to warrant an overnight stay. And man was it nice. I captured this initial shot of Rob on my phone when we checked in...

It was fun...and to the wedding I decided to wear my heels. Heels that I never wear. And I decided to wear them to an outdoor wedding with lots of gravel, dirt and grass. Midway I thought to myself, I barely know how to handle these things inside let alone rough terrain. But I made it safely. No falling or anything. I was impressed. Rob too. He knows my track record...

We then returned home the next day around lunch time and were happy to see our little man. Our little man who pretended that he didn't care and walked away from me only till I caught him and giggles erupted. Stubborn little boy.

So I gotta say...taking pictures of this boy is getting harder and harder. Most pics are just a blur. I think back to when I took tons, but lately it's just not happening. He either is moving so quickly, getting into something, or he wants to inspect the camera. (which makes it difficult for picture taking)

So, I was looking through recent pics and the only clear ones are from me holding him...

Or restrained in his car...

Or restrained in his high chair. Key word here = restrained. :))

I'm pretty sure we're entering those mobile-high-energy-toddler years. So thankful this kid sleeps well which gives us a much appreciated break.

So that's some randomness for you. We're gearing up for vacation soon and I'm having a major case of senioritis. The temptation to just drop everything and run to the beach is there, but I'm holding back. :))

Hoping you all are well! Maybe I'll energize myself to do a few things around this hacienda before our escape.

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