Monday, June 2, 2014

Stop And Blow The Weeds

Yeah, I know that title is kinda weird, but I couldn't officially determine the name of that puffy white flowery weed that grows everywhere (apparently it’s like the seeds of a dandelion, but not an actual dandelion?). Anyway, you’ll see what I’m talking about…here’s a few pics I took from our Sunday together. :))

After church, lunch and a nap (all three were wonderful things), Rob mowed the lawn while I pushed the little one around the front yard. When Rob finished the backyard he came out front and Finn was mesmerized with the thing. Anywhere I pushed him, he craned his neck to watch what daddy was doing.

A couple of weeks ago Rob had sent me a video while I was at work of Finn blowing at one of these “flowers”. While mowing yesterday the sweet man stopped before he mowed a few down and brought them over to us. It’s the little things. <3

It was getting a little too warm so I brought the boy in and he continued to watch his dad from the front window. (excuse those trash bags, I'm purging our back junk room and am having a fun time throwing stuff out)

He even threw up his leg to show his excitement, lol.

We also were able to enjoy TWO meals together. And the best part was that the three of us got to eat at the same time. Something I strongly enjoy and something that doesn't get to happen too often with our schedules. Again, it’s the little things. Oh and Finn started looking like an oompa loompa with the amount of spaghetti sauce covering his hands, face and little body. :))

Later we went out and got ourselves some ice cream.

Rob and I tried determining whose ice cream Finn liked the most (me = mint with chocolate chips and crushed cone :: Rob = sweet cream and crushed oreos). We held both of our spoons up to Finn to see which he’d choose but instead he just opened his mouth wide. He wanted it all. No ice cream discrimination here. 

And over here is a crazy lady...

It's funny because if all you do is look at this blog, you could think that I carry my big camera everywhere...or at least that I take tons of pictures. And yeah, I do take a lot, but I do it in spurts. I'll not see my camera for a week and then pick it up (usually on a weekend when there's more time). I guess I do try to balance the whole documenting thing that I like to do with keeping in mind to live in the moment. 

Yep, there are plennnnnty of distractions out there, but I love the way that having a child opened my eyes to the little discoveries all over again.To remember the little things. To stop and blow the weeds.

"This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24

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  1. What a great post. I love the moral of the story at the end and how it wraps back around lol you're so clever! Finn is, as always, too stinkin cute! I love how mesmerized he is with the lawn mower!



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