Monday, June 9, 2014

Your Daddy

Little Finn,

Your daddy is a special one. Much to your delight, he'll carry you around in the laundry basket for 20 minutes with sore arms to pay for later. Due to his late night work schedule he often has to fight through exhaustion and fatigue to play and care for you. He's a special one.

Although daddy and I both know that you're a bit of a mama's boy right now, I know that one day you'll get a better glimpse of the daddy you have. An honest and hardworking man. Respectful and considerate of people. Caring and protective of women. A daddy who loves God and isn't afraid to journey through the doubts and questions. A daddy who looks forward to your interests and passions. A daddy who absolutely cannot wait to introduce you to some amazing experiences as well as some pretty awesome hero and comic movies. 

You've got a good one Finn. Yep, your daddy is a special one.

xo - Mama  

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