Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coming Soon!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a quick post with you as internally I’m bubbling with annoying excitement that only Rob gets to hear about it – thankfully he’s so sweet, he doesn't mind.

Well I am super excited to announce that I will soon be opening an Etsy shop!

Hip hip!!!

I’m beaming about this venture and am thankful that I FINALLY have some wind under my wings moving me forward with this dream.

For any of you who aren’t familiar with Etsy, Etsy is an online community of artisans who sell various handmade items. It’s a fantastic platform for anyone who wants to sell on the side or create a full time business.

So the big question is what will I be selling? I’ve been drawing landscapes, buildings, cities and stick figures since I was in elementary school and I’ve certainly nailed down my art style. My shop will offer colorful, childlike art prints…perfect for nurseries, kid’s rooms, or anywhere. My art style is generally clean and simplistic but with interest in each piece.

I’m going to bite my lip before sharing the name of the shop as branding will soon be created; however after it is, I’ll be sure to share with you. I’ll just say that naming things is very hard for me, but I am actually really pleased with the name and brand that will be built around this shop.

So stay tuned. I’m working on more and more pieces and am looking forward to “opening shop” soon!


  1. Ballin! Looking forward to seeing your creations and your branding. I'm tinkering with starting a photography business and currently working on branding ideas.

    1. Aw thanks Greg! That's exciting about maybe starting a photography business. If you ever need a branding designer recommendation, let me know. I am super excited with who I will be working with.

  2. Right up your alley! Good for you :) I am honored to own an original "Fiorisi".



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