Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm Dreaming of an Organized Closet

This post is about some much needed organization. Yes, some much needed organization in a little baby closet that acts as our utility closet. Here it is in all of it's current sprucing it up or anything.

Beautiful, right?! So I feel like slowly I'm getting more and more organized in this house. Yes, the steps are incredibly small, but progress is progress. So I knew pretty easily that the next place that would be best to organize was this space.

Why, you ask? Besides the obvious of it being hideous. Well I can't tell you how many times I can't find the tape measure, or the laser level, or a screw driver, or anything in there. It's a pain. So my wheels started turning and then I went to Pinterest for some utility closet inspiration. Oh and I found some...feast your eyes on these beauties...

Link (BHG)
Link (IHeart Organizing)

The above one is my favorite. I love the use of the drawers to conceal all of the small items, and that peg board. So functional and cute...

Link (IHeart Organizing)

So with using some of the above inspiration, here are some items I am looking at purchasing for our little space to bring about some major rehab...

1. Green bin - $1.49 (Ikea) - Thinking of using these to store light bulbs and extension cords...they should fit perfect on our shelves.

2. ClosetMaid door organizer - $16 (Amazon) - Since I don't really have wall space in our little closet, I thought over the door would be best to hang all of our brooms and mops.

3. Drawer Unit - $39.99 (Ikea) - I'm thinking this little guy will be perfect to store all of the little items, screws, nails, tape measure, laser level, screw drivers, and it has little slots for labeling...score.

It's only three items but I think they'll make a huge difference. We went to Ikea tonight and Rob laughed as I handed over some of my birthday money to purchase a few things. What can I say? The thought of better organization makes my heart soar more and more...okay, maybe that's an overstatement, but it does bring me some much appreciated sanity.

Oh yes, I'm talking to you, tape measure. Pretty soon you won't be able to hide from me ANYmore.


  1. Haha you are too funny. I get so excited about organizing messes too. And labeling! :)

    1. Yesss, D! I think I'm heading in the direction of getting a label maker one day. More and more I turn into your Aunt Patty each day! ;))



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