Monday, July 28, 2014

More Kitchen Counter Shenanigans

Who knew that our kitchen counters could be so much fun? Finn woke up from a nap and ran over to the sliding glass doors to our backyard and said "wawa". Lil guy wanted to play in his little sprinkler or pool but we had to leave soon. So a little dip in the kitchen sink did the trick. I'm not sure why I'm so late on the play-in-the-sink train, but it worked. I don't know if Rob and I are the only ones, but internally we do a happy dance when we realize another "station" in our home for Finn to play with. 


At one point he stood up to shimmy his little body into the whole how nice it would be to have a big white farmhouse sink...

So we're all pretty pleased with this newly discovered "station". With Finn's drawing area and now water play, these formica counters never looked better. ;)


  1. We loved the kitchen sick bathes:)

    1. Aw I know, Jenny. I don't know if it's because our kitchen was always a mess in those early days or what, but we didn't do it. But hey he still fits in there, we should try it. Better late than never. :))



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