Thursday, July 17, 2014

Storage For My Birthday

It finally happened…last weekend we made our attic usable. Well Rob did it all. He bought some floor boards and laid it down in our little attic space and shoved all of our tubs up there. This was another big step that needed to be done to complete our office/guest room. 

Because although the office looks like this…

The other side looks like this…

It’s organized chaos, but chaos indeed. There are still a few large items that we need to get rid of/give away. That closet was full of tubs of Christmas and childhood stuff that is now in our attic. What’s left are still a few odds and ends left to sort and organize, so we purchased this lil guy from Home Depot to help. It’s a Martha Stewart cubby and surprisingly pretty sturdy feeling for $35.

It fit perfectly in our closet space. 

Yes, I own the Twilight books...don't hate. I could probably purge a number of my books from that bookcase. But anyway, once everything else is clear from this room, I’m looking to probably purchase another storage piece. This will be for along the wall of the desk to hold a printer and overflow books (from our packed bookcase) and paper supplies. So we’ll see where we end up…but there’s been progress, and I’m happy about that.

We had a good rest of the weekend. It was my birthday weekend and on Saturday we celebrated with my lovely family and then on Sunday we ended up going to Busch Gardens for some splash pad fun. Seriously I need more splash pads in my life. Finn too. It’s the best thing seeing your little one light up as soon as we set him free from his stroller to play. It was a good day. Long naps and a date night were pretty sweet as well. 

Hoping you all are well!

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