Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cousin Time

The last week of summer, Finn's cousin stayed with us a few days. It was days filled with Power Rangers, bubbles, samurai play fights, Power Rangers, a park visit, a comic book store visit, Power Rangers, bubbles and Power Rangers.

Finn woke up the first morning to find Junior eating breakfast on the couch. Finn crawled up and sat next to him and then reached his little hand in Junior's bowl to grab some cereal. Jr later helped him out and fed it to him.

We later went to the park. Rob made Junior's day by creating a "samurai" costume. Which he wore the. entire. day. :))

Sweet cousin pushing his Finn...

This picture cracks me up...later that evening Rob was playing with Finn and wrapped him up like a stork.

Rob and I are definitely realizing this transition into toddler-hood that we're in. Finn's energy is getting high. He's learned the word "no" (and also says it with a bit of a British accent?) and little tantrums are becoming more and more present. I'm praying for more patience and inner-peace during these times, hah. But the funny and sweet moments are still there.

Hoping you all are well...I've been fighting a stinkin stomach bug for a number of days now, but hopefully on the mend. Branding for my Etsy shop is currently being worked on. I'm so excited to get the first round of proofs.

Happy mid-week!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Haircut

I tried hard not to work my emotions up for this event, and I think I did pretty well. Over the weekend we finally got our boy a little trim. His little baby pony tail was just getting a lil unruly. I loved it, but it was time.

The only problem with this whole venture is that Finn is currently going through a phase. Yes, a phase where he can randomly cry his eyes out (in shyness or attention overload) if someone at a restaurant simply waves at him. Literally, he bawled with his cheek glued to the table in a puddle of his tears and drool because a sweet waitress waved at him.

See what I mean? So I wasn't sure how this first haircut thing was going to go down. Thankfully, it went okay, the tears were limited, and most of the struggle was with the wiggling. Oh and a few times, Finn grabbed the stylist's hand and pushed it away from his head. Oh boy.

We tried with distractions, we watched some videos of him blowing bubbles (a favorite activity of his) but the videos wouldn't hold his attention was a battle, but thankfully we got through it. God bless our sweet stylist. Rob talked later about the pressure she must have felt having both parents there and a wiggly tiny child that she had to hold scissors really close to...she was great. (ignore my doofy face while I was trying to cheer the poor boy up)

She told us out of her year of cutting hair at this salon, she's only cut hair for like 2 kids. Ironically when we left, we saw her next client, a little boy (maybe 4) with a ton of curls. But I bet he was at least still.

I took this pic later after we got home and he was in a happier place...bubbles were present. Absolute sweetness. <3

After church on Sunday, I took a few more pics of the little one with his cleaned up hair. Love this boy so much.

Still working hard on prints for my Etsy shop. Goodness, it's taking a lot of time, but I'm excited and still chugging along. Time to log off and watch some Netflix with my man. Happy almost midweek, friends!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Feeding Jack

There's a few things that you can say in our house that cause Finn to reach high levels of excitement. Saying things like..."bubbles", or "do you want to make daddy's coffee", or "do you want to watch some TV?", or "do you want a bath?". Same goes with saying "do you want to feed Jack?"...

He usually runs down the hallway in pure excitement (to Jack's excitement too). In the beginning he was only able to get a few pieces of food out of the bag at a time. Over time he's getting more and more.

Thankfully Jack has had patience with him...

With having a dog and a little one, I was nervous about the thought of the two together. I care about our dog (in a weird semi way) but if he hinted to be any danger to Finn, he'd have to go. But I am really thankful that he's adapted so well. We still keep many boundaries so he knows his place and that Finn is over him. He's not allowed in Finn's room, he lays right at the threshold of the door when we're in there. We also don't let Finn anywhere near Jack while he eats. A while back I started a thing where right before Finn goes to bed, he gives Jack a treat. Jack loves bed time. But I guess the thoughts behind these things is so that Jack still feels included in a sense and mostly doesn't resent Finn in some weird doggy way.

Finn's a big fan of Jack, even gives him hugs and pats him on the back. All in all it's been working...and for that I'm thankful.

Happy new week!

Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm So Fancy

If you saw my previous post, you know my focus turned to our little utility closet. It somehow became a crazy catchall with absolutely no organization...just pitiful, right?

Well, I keep pinching myself because with three simple items the closet now looks like this...

Fancy, right? Excuse the dark photos, we get almost no light to this hallway, but that doesn't deter me from it's newfound beauty. So three items really did the trick...the green bins, the metal cabinet and the over the door organizer. I was surprised how easy this project actually was.

Rob and Finn had other plans while I attempted this little photoshoot...

So the drawers contain the tape measures and levels, nails and screws, picture hanging supplies and hooks, sandpaper, miscellaneous items and random cleaning supplies for the mops. Oh how nice it is to know where those items actually ARE...

I found this over the door organizer in the bathroom section at HomeGoods for $10, thankfully all of our mops and brooms fit over it just fine. Excuse the paint cans, we need to find the proper place to dispose of those and then another shelf will open up.

Finn's probably happy I'm done working on this closet as I had to work on it mostly while he was awake because it's literally right by his room. I would just set up various areas that he could play in around me (since Rob was out)'s amazing how just a simple act of stepping in and out of a green tub can occupy him for 5 whole minutes. Watching him discover new things is thee best.

This little monkey is certainly becoming a little boy more and more...I'm thankful I can still cradle him in my arms though (with his legs pretty much wrapped around me).

This is him saying "cheese"... <3 <3

Ah, that sweet kid. But back to the closet, overall I'm pretty pleased by the change. This closet was the shame of all shames...


And now it's like a sigh of relief opening that door, instead of a full on anxiety attack (no, that didn't really happen, but it was probably close)...

Finn's pretty floored by the change too...

Hah, see what I did there? Lol, I'm a nerd, happy new week everyone!


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