Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cousin Time

The last week of summer, Finn's cousin stayed with us a few days. It was days filled with Power Rangers, bubbles, samurai play fights, Power Rangers, a park visit, a comic book store visit, Power Rangers, bubbles and Power Rangers.

Finn woke up the first morning to find Junior eating breakfast on the couch. Finn crawled up and sat next to him and then reached his little hand in Junior's bowl to grab some cereal. Jr later helped him out and fed it to him.

We later went to the park. Rob made Junior's day by creating a "samurai" costume. Which he wore the. entire. day. :))

Sweet cousin pushing his Finn...

This picture cracks me up...later that evening Rob was playing with Finn and wrapped him up like a stork.

Rob and I are definitely realizing this transition into toddler-hood that we're in. Finn's energy is getting high. He's learned the word "no" (and also says it with a bit of a British accent?) and little tantrums are becoming more and more present. I'm praying for more patience and inner-peace during these times, hah. But the funny and sweet moments are still there.

Hoping you all are well...I've been fighting a stinkin stomach bug for a number of days now, but hopefully on the mend. Branding for my Etsy shop is currently being worked on. I'm so excited to get the first round of proofs.

Happy mid-week!

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