Sunday, August 10, 2014

Feeding Jack

There's a few things that you can say in our house that cause Finn to reach high levels of excitement. Saying things like..."bubbles", or "do you want to make daddy's coffee", or "do you want to watch some TV?", or "do you want a bath?". Same goes with saying "do you want to feed Jack?"...

He usually runs down the hallway in pure excitement (to Jack's excitement too). In the beginning he was only able to get a few pieces of food out of the bag at a time. Over time he's getting more and more.

Thankfully Jack has had patience with him...

With having a dog and a little one, I was nervous about the thought of the two together. I care about our dog (in a weird semi way) but if he hinted to be any danger to Finn, he'd have to go. But I am really thankful that he's adapted so well. We still keep many boundaries so he knows his place and that Finn is over him. He's not allowed in Finn's room, he lays right at the threshold of the door when we're in there. We also don't let Finn anywhere near Jack while he eats. A while back I started a thing where right before Finn goes to bed, he gives Jack a treat. Jack loves bed time. But I guess the thoughts behind these things is so that Jack still feels included in a sense and mostly doesn't resent Finn in some weird doggy way.

Finn's a big fan of Jack, even gives him hugs and pats him on the back. All in all it's been working...and for that I'm thankful.

Happy new week!

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