Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Haircut

I tried hard not to work my emotions up for this event, and I think I did pretty well. Over the weekend we finally got our boy a little trim. His little baby pony tail was just getting a lil unruly. I loved it, but it was time.

The only problem with this whole venture is that Finn is currently going through a phase. Yes, a phase where he can randomly cry his eyes out (in shyness or attention overload) if someone at a restaurant simply waves at him. Literally, he bawled with his cheek glued to the table in a puddle of his tears and drool because a sweet waitress waved at him.

See what I mean? So I wasn't sure how this first haircut thing was going to go down. Thankfully, it went okay, the tears were limited, and most of the struggle was with the wiggling. Oh and a few times, Finn grabbed the stylist's hand and pushed it away from his head. Oh boy.

We tried with distractions, we watched some videos of him blowing bubbles (a favorite activity of his) but the videos wouldn't hold his attention long...it was a battle, but thankfully we got through it. God bless our sweet stylist. Rob talked later about the pressure she must have felt having both parents there and a wiggly tiny child that she had to hold scissors really close to...she was great. (ignore my doofy face while I was trying to cheer the poor boy up)

She told us out of her year of cutting hair at this salon, she's only cut hair for like 2 kids. Ironically when we left, we saw her next client, a little boy (maybe 4) with a ton of curls. But I bet he was at least still.

I took this pic later after we got home and he was in a happier place...bubbles were present. Absolute sweetness. <3

After church on Sunday, I took a few more pics of the little one with his cleaned up hair. Love this boy so much.

Still working hard on prints for my Etsy shop. Goodness, it's taking a lot of time, but I'm excited and still chugging along. Time to log off and watch some Netflix with my man. Happy almost midweek, friends!

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