Monday, September 29, 2014

Etsy Shop Name and a Sneak Peek

Happy new week everyone! If you've read the past few posts, you know that I'm working toward opening an Etsy shop to sell art prints. Well with the opening of my shop coming soon (I promise, I'm inching my way as fast as I can) I wanted to share the name, logo and a sneak peek of one of the prints. 

So without further ado (I bet you've already looked, I don't blame ya)...

Yes, Circle Circle Tot Tot will be the name of my shop. That beautiful logo was created by Leslie Vega Design. Leslie was a gem to work with and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

The shop will be aimed toward creating happy prints for nurseries, kid's rooms, or anyone looking to brighten their space. The reason for the delay in opening is that my goal is to have 15 completed prints for the opening. I've been painting just about every night and sketching on down time leaving me just a handful of paintings away from my goal.

As far as how I came up with this name, it didn't come easy. Naming anything never comes easy for me. I remember while Rob and Finn were both napping one Sunday I was sitting in the office just thinking. I really just wanted to be napping, but I knew that I needed to get my head around a name for the shop. Finally after some brainstorming I randomly recalled to a few weeks prior when Rob did the "circle circle dot dot, now I have my cootie shot" on my arm. I have no recollection of the context of that occurrence, lol, but after I recalled that a light bulb went off. And ultimately Circle Circle Tot Tot was formed. I really like the childlike and playful nature it gives.

While creating the art, my other goal has been to create an array of art prints instead of narrowing in on one specific subject. So it's been really fun seeing what comes out of me next. Each piece of art feels different but linked at the same time. So I'll leave you with a peek of one of my newest and favorites. Mr. Moose...

Can't wait to share it all with you soon.


  1. I'm so excited! I must buy an original "Wee"! I know you haven't opened yet, but you already have many fans!

  2. Yay! Love mr. Moose! I can't wait to see more!!



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