Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Up Up Up

Recently Finn has found a well understood fascination with planes. When we're outside in the yard or driving around in the car, he'll spot one and point and say "yane!" It's pretty stinkin cute.

So randomly on Sunday night after dinner, I thought, let’s go to the airport. I love our airport, it’s so easy to get in and out of and the top of the parking garage is perfect for watching planes land and take off. So we skipped a much needed bath (seriously, food was caked in the boy’s hair) loaded up and drove 15 minutes to our airport. We got there right when the sun was close to setting. 

Finn was soaking it up…loved watching the planes take off (they seemed so close!) and also loved watching the “trains” (the trams going back and forth).


Although he's not smiling in these pics, the boy was more than thrilled to watch the planes take off and go "up up up!". So thrilled that when it was time to go, there were tears. He just kept yelling “yane! yane!” Needless to say we’ll be visiting again. And it was a completely free, yay!

Love our little family and am thankful for these small but special moments. Maybe a plane themed 2nd birthday party is in our future?

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