Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

I can't believe I'm already blogging about Christmas on the 26th. I'm officially impressed. Everyone is asleep and I just went through the photos so I'm keeping with the momentum to share with you all.

First of all, merry belated Christmas! I hope you all had a great day and enjoyed it with loved ones. Our day was very good, Finn was a handful (he's in a bit of a tantrum/addicted-to-mommy phase - isn't there a name for that? Oh yeah, the terrible two's, lol) but it was still a great day.

So without further ado, twenty-nine of my favorite photos from the day...

Although Finn liked many of his gifts, he still didn't really get it this year, the unwrapping. Some of the new stuff would catch his eye, then he'd run off to another room, lol.

Giving Elmo kisses...

A new microphone...and bonus, it lights up...the best part for this little boy...

Checking where it came from...

Playing with his little bus-book...thank you Target $1 bin. :)))))

A superhero toy camera like his cousin's...he was happy when he opened this one. :))

On to Nana's house...

One day this kid will be more willing to smile in day. Still love the pic though...

Waiting for family to arrive...

"Look Finn! A squirrel!"



I love this photo...Greg, Jen, Bella, Chrissy and Junior arrived...Junior picked Finn right up much to his delight.

Opening gifts! A vacuum for the boy who always wants me to vacuum!

These two...<3

I gave this sweet girl a painting she had requested...she was so excited. I'm even thinking about offering these square canvas paintings in my shop soon. I'm slightly in love with the gold.


Greg handing the ball to Finn...

Blocking Bella for the touchdown!

So many people I didn't get pics of...I never plan really well, but here's Junior going to pick Finn up again. Kids just looooooove picking up babies. :)))

Run, run, run!

This last pic cracks me up. It's from this morning. Papa and Grandmars gave Finn this awesome track for cars and here's Rob putting it together. It's seriously a favorite task of his to assemble things. He's one of those that lights up whenever we bring something home from Ikea. ;)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can't believe it's going to be 2015. It sounds so futuristic. Love to you all!

Off to paint!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Haven't had much time to post lately (I promise I'll get back with it soon) but I wanted to take time to share some of my latest favorite pics from my phone.

^^ Finn cuddling with Uncle Greg for like 10 minutes on Thanksgiving.

^^ Thanksgiving with most of my fam.

^^ More Thanksgiving fun.

^^ Me and the sweet babe while we looked for Christmas trees.

^^ Elf watching goodness happening.

^^ Finn fascinated to be walking in grass with his bare feet at Papa and Grandmar's house. (our house only has weedy goodness in our yard)

^^ Lovin on Papa.

^^ Simple joys, silly boy.

^^ This silly monkey.

^^ Our tree this year, we're doing good keeping this thing watered! No crispy tree this year (like most years).

^^ Homemade rice krispy treat goodness.

^^ Our dear friend, Matt, completing 25 miles in honor of Larsen to support her boy by getting sponsors.

^^ My most favorite picture, Larsen's son Aidric and Finn holding hands while around the lake. This melts me.

Hoping you all are well and enjoying the season and staying warm!


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