Monday, December 15, 2014


Haven't had much time to post lately (I promise I'll get back with it soon) but I wanted to take time to share some of my latest favorite pics from my phone.

^^ Finn cuddling with Uncle Greg for like 10 minutes on Thanksgiving.

^^ Thanksgiving with most of my fam.

^^ More Thanksgiving fun.

^^ Me and the sweet babe while we looked for Christmas trees.

^^ Elf watching goodness happening.

^^ Finn fascinated to be walking in grass with his bare feet at Papa and Grandmar's house. (our house only has weedy goodness in our yard)

^^ Lovin on Papa.

^^ Simple joys, silly boy.

^^ This silly monkey.

^^ Our tree this year, we're doing good keeping this thing watered! No crispy tree this year (like most years).

^^ Homemade rice krispy treat goodness.

^^ Our dear friend, Matt, completing 25 miles in honor of Larsen to support her boy by getting sponsors.

^^ My most favorite picture, Larsen's son Aidric and Finn holding hands while around the lake. This melts me.

Hoping you all are well and enjoying the season and staying warm!

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