Monday, January 19, 2015

Finn's Second Birthday

Finn turned two last week and there was a lot of celebrating. On his actual birthday during the week, I took off of work and the three of us went to the zoo. I'll get to posting pics of that day soon. But these are pics from his party. I honestly didn't hold on to my camera for long because of tending to the birthday boy and hanging with friends and family, but squeezed in a few pics.

We decided to do his birthday celebration at the park. I also chose this park as I was sure we'd be able to see planes taking off...and you know Finn and airplanes. Although it was forecasted to be a cold day (for Florida) it warmed up when the sun came out and was beautiful. My dad was so smart and brought a football and gave Finn his own kickball which was used mightily. 

The only one thing I was sure to plan was to have bubbles present. The kid loves bubbles if you haven't heard already. We were walking through party city and Finn found a bubble section that has a package of colorful bubble wands. We learned Finn's bubble obsession greatly contains the obsession with colorful and multitudes of bubble wands.

I don't normally treat myself to buying adorable little clothes off of Etsy...just because it can be pricey, but I caved and bought this awesome shirt for the boy. And I figured he can wear it the whole time he's two.

Thankfully I was able to get that cheese puff stain out. Rob says every party should have cheese puffs. Without fail you buy them for the kids, but the adults plates were full of the things too. :))

I didn't get pics of it, but you kinda see what's going down in the background of this pic. An epic four-square game went down. Even my mom joined in at one point. All this happening while Finn was peacefully blowing bubbles.

Finn has been obsessed with the birthday song for quite some time now. So while we recorded this it was quite comical all the things that went awry.

First a candle blew out and then (much to my below blurry excitement) a very loud jet took off and flew right in the middle of the song...Finn doesn't look too thrilled here as he was exhausted but whenever he watches back on this video he often says "plane!" when you hear it. :))

A blue lollipop for the birthday boy. (who's currently in love with the color blue)

A quick family pic...Titi Leah was working hard for Finn's smile behind the camera.

Not too long after the boy just cuddled up with me and fell asleep. It was sweet and absolutely precious to get to hold my baby boy while watching another epic four square tournament. Overall, it was a lovely day with family and dear friends.

Happy second birthday baby boy! We love you so much!

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  1. What a great day with the birthday boy! His fascination with bubbles is so cute. Happy birthday big boy <3



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