Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Well hello! Long time, no blog. To explain the past three months in a short period of time, I’ll say this…  

My first trimester turned me into a sleepy sloth.  

Rob and I are expecting our second babe (found out on Finn’s birthday, yeah that was kinda really sweet). We’re excited and probably in denial because it just doesn’t feel real. It’s very different the second time around with an active and sweet 2 year old. I’m currently 17 weeks today and looking forward to finding out the gender in 3ish weeks.  

So yes, I’ve been sleeping a lot in the evenings, hence bringing blogging and my Circle Circle Tot Tot shop stocking to a halt. But I’m coming back. Seeing the light. 

We shared on FB this photo of the boy as our announcement for the new babe. We classified this as Finn studying up on the things to come… (not to ignore the fact that we bribed him with M&M’s for this photo) 

 We’re excited to see him step into the role of big brother and are extremely confident he’ll do great. He’s such a sweet kid. Yes, there are times that his behavior can make our eyes bug out, but he’s such a sweetie. 

 Well I dusted off the camera a bit over Easter and wanted to get back in the swing of taking some photos. You’ll notice Finn got a big boy haircut. We didn’t hesitate to trim it once we saw how much the length was bothering his eyes. I loved his long hair but with the summer also upon us we quickly realized this was the right decision. Okay, on to photos.  

We decided to do our little basket and egg hunt on Saturday since Sunday was going to be a little chaotic. I’m thinking next year I’ll start hiding the basket from him like my mom used to do. 

 We then had an Easter party with our church on Saturday afternoon.  

 Hoping you all had a wonderful Easter! 

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