Friday, June 5, 2015

Belated Gender Reveal

Hallo! So since it's been a while I thought I'd blog about something that happened yes a whole month ago...our gender reveal party!

Like last time with Finn, Rob and I decided, although it was a little harder this time, to turn our heads at the sono to later find out at a little get-together. While we drove to drop Finn off with my sister before my appointment we were on the fence of whether to look or not. The hardest part was knowing that our appointment was on Monday and our little party wasn't going to happen till Friday.

But in the end we didn't look.

Instead we changed the party to Monday night. :-D

Going back to our appointment, it was really great. The little one was very active, was sticking her tongue out and even gave us a thumbs up. We then saw the doctor who delivered Finn and she didn't want to spend too much time with us for fear of slipping on the gender.

I then left for work, and Rob and my sister then worked on getting the party planned for that night.

Cause again. We had no patience. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I dropped off the sono pic at the bakery to be ready in just 5 hours (thanks Publix!)...

and then I watched the minutes tick by at work till it was time for me to go home.

Once home, I pulled out the decorations from our last party (yay for saving stuff!) and threw those up. I didn't want it to feel completely last minute, lol.

This picture was brought to you thanks to an m&m bribe... :-D

After we quickly gobbled down pizza, we took a picture of the guesses. It was a little girl heavy this time.

Not everyone was able to make it due to our last minute planning, but we facetimed with Greg, Jen and Bella so they could find out with us too. Finally we cut into the cake and found out that we're having a baby GIRL...

Yep, I was completely shocked. Didn't really see that coming at all. A girl! Finn was overwhelmed and cried a little (he's a lil sensitive and understandably confused). He's working out his emotions constantly, being a toddler isn't easy. :-D

Anyway, we're happy to welcome a little girl to our family. Finn will be such a great brother. I'm thankful and honored that Rob and I are given this opportunity to parent these babies and watch them dream and develop their own personalities and interests. I think that's been one of my favorite parts. Praying for these two constantly and thanking God for such a gift.

Just like with Finn, we took a picture of me with the baby's name not too long after...

We really clicked with the name Skye similarly to how we just clicked with the name Finn. The middle name is in honor of my friend, Larsen. Elizabeth is her middle name.

Skye Elizabeth we all look forward to meeting you face to face little one!

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  1. Okay number 1: LOVE that first picture with your leg kick. You are too funny.
    Number 2: I can totally hear you talking as I read your words. Also hilarious.
    Number 3: yay it's a girl!!!




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