Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This past week we were blessed to get out of town and visit this beautiful spot only an hour away from us.

We stayed here last year with my brother and sister-in-law and were back at it again this year. What was new this year is that we actually had a pool loving boy.

It made it so fun to be able to just stay in the pool while he jumped from the edge to your arms constantly. He loved it. We'd go from jumping to then doing little jumps on the steps of the pool. Oh how fun it'll be when this boy can swim.

He looks h-u-g-e in this pic...(but he's still so little to me)

We were able to relax and just swim, nap, write, read, make food, swim again and hang out with family. It was a blessing knowing very full well that this will be our last vacation as a family of three, and I'm anticipating that although life will be filled with our newest blessing soon, it'll also be a lot more work caring for two. I'm excited though and we will thrive off of God's strength to get us through those first few months. Maybe by Christmas season (or before!) we'll be in that sweet spot of having a routine that just flows. We'll see. We'll definitely be working toward it. 

I officially entered my third trimester yesterday. This pregnancy is a-flyin. Although yes it's true, I'm not taking as many pictures of my pregnant self or documenting every detail as I did when I didn't have a toddler, but I'm still in awe of this little growing girl.

Girl. I still can't believe we're having a girl! Hah, but same with Finn, things just don't sink in quite like they do when they place the little one on your chest.

My sister and dear friend are in the works of organizing a little shower for this girl. It's fun this time around knowing what I'll need. I won't forget at Finn's shower opening things having no idea what the item actually did.

Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling. Lately I feel like my feelings, my mind, my soul, all can be summed up in songs. I'll leave with this one that's in my head right now...thankful for the reminders of God's grace with me and unfailing love to carry me through every aspect of life. A constant needed reminder.

Hoping you all are well!

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  1. Ah I love your posts. Looks like you all had a wonderful and relaxing time together. And you continue to look adorable in your pregnancy!! Hugs and kisses to that sweet boy. So cute in the big pool!



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