Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All About Finn - 2 1/2

With such few posts lately, I thought I'd post one for Rob and I...and I guess Finn if he cares ones day. :))

So here are a lot of words with pics of our sweet boy at the end.

This boy's interests are so fun to discover. He's a silly boy with a sweet and somewhat quiet demeanor (like his mama was) and definitely is growing into a little boy.

Some of his current likes:
  • Garbage trucks. Seriously, kid wakes up to the sound of those squeaky breaks almost every Monday and Thursdays. Rob and I usually run and pick him up and take him to the couch to watch. There have been days that we've totally wheeled out an empty can outside just to watch the garbage truck pick it up, lol. There's also been times we've missed it. Those days are sad. But thankfully YouTube has a video or two (or 100) of footage of garbage trucks picking up trash.
  • Yellow construction trucks. Especially the ones that dig in the dirt, also known as excavators. (I'm pretty sure I didn't know what that was called before having to research these). Yeah, he's happy when we drive and see mounds of dirt which yellow trucks around.
  • Mailman. Are you noticing a theme? He yells "mail-mu!" when he sees these on the road.
  • Fire trucks. Mh hmm, it's helpful that we have a dear friend who works at the fire station right down the road. We've been able to take him there a few times which he talks about every time we drive by the station.
  • Helicopters/Planes. Still loves these things and gets excited whenever we catch one in the sky. On July 4th we watched the fireworks take off from the top of the airport parking lot. He was happily overwhelmed by everything going on around us.
  • Singing happy birthday. This is his favorite song. We record every birthday song for him to watch later because he loves it. He learned how to say birthday just in time for my birthday last month. It was just a little heart melting to hear him say "happy birday mama".
  • Swimming/jumping in the pool. I plan to get him in swim lessons when he turns three but for now the boy love jumping in and out of the pool, especially at Papa and Grandmars house.
  • Cookies and m&m's. Lol, yeah, I just thought I'd throw that one in here as it's usually a request we hear every day in our house.
Some of his current dislikes:
  • Diaper changes. Still not a fan. We've got a little potty in the house, just waiting for him to gain more interest.
  • Being denied anything. Hah, we definitely don't let him get his way at times. At those times, the tantrums can be present. Rob and I like to reenact them after Finn's in bed sometimes, I can hold it together but there's been a time or two where he's looked at me with the most accusing face and said "what are you talking about?!" and I had to practice serious control, lol. No idea where he picked that up from.
Haven't mentioned on here but we had gone through a lot of change over the past few months as we thought Finn had some intense food allergies. Like we were told to avoid all dairy, soy, legumes, tomato, fruit (yes all fruit). It was awful. But thankfully and surprisingly we got a second opinion and were told that with his skin condition (which prompted our food allergy questions) that he just has eczema and not to avoid the foods we were avoiding if he was having no reaction. It was a huge sigh of relief. We were viewing the original diagnosis as really long journey. As a lot of kids don't outgrow food allergies until 5-6 years old.

Anyway, all that to say that we are relieved and very happy. Denying him foods was rough, so the fact that I can give him green beans and corn is like a breath of fresh air.

We're definitely organizing and purging our house as we get closer to Skye's arrival. We're excited. And I think watching Finn and this baby girl interact is going to melt me into a puddle.

I hope to have a post of Finn's big boy room as we'll be transitioning him soon. I'm so excited to DIY an adorable tent in his room. Skye's room will be coming together probably after she's born because of home repairs that won't be completed till possibly after she's born, but I'm having fun working on her art work and Rob will be doing another origami mobile for her. More to come!

Hoping you all are well!


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  1. Only the cutest, sweetest boy in the world! This is coming from an impartial source.
    Love Mamaw



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