Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bump Update!

Hah, I was laying in bed next to Finn this morning and thought how funny it would be to post a bump update for this pregnancy. My first and only one at almost 39 weeks.

Last pregnancy I posted often of the progress, this time not so much. This girl is just as loved, but this mama is just a little busier and probably more tired. And surprisingly, although, many say each pregnancy is different, this one was pretty similar to Finn's.

First trimester - I started out incredibly thankful to skip the morning sickness. I just had a few weeks of food aversions and a lack of appetite. But that definitely came back. I also was what I call a sleepy sloth for the first trimester. I could go to sleep (and often would) right after putting Finn to bed around 8:30pm. It was definitely different this time with having a toddler, I remember when pregnant with Finn I would just nap as soon as I got home from work. That just wasn't an option this time, lol.

Second trimester - This brought a thankful wave of energy. I can't remember what I accomplished though, hah, but I just know I wasn't as tired. Still didn't have any cravings this pregnancy. Just regular foods that I desired before.

Third trimester - Third trimester was only slightly different. I woke up to a few charlie horses in my calves, not many, that happened when with Finn. But one difference I can think of is having a little bit of cramping I think due to my low lying placenta. This girl also feels like she is just about to fall out, lol, she is so low. Maybe I felt that with Finn but just don't remember. Also in this third trimester I've had heartburn. But it's not too much at all, just sometimes, but I don't remember having that at all with Finn. Rob and I laugh to see if the myth is true and she'll come out with a head full of hair. Rob also thinks it would be funny for Skye to come out with dark brown hair. (Both Rob and I were blonde babies, so we expected Finn to be blonde)

It's been different this time not getting Skye's room together. Because of house repairs (mold removal) that's on schedule to occur, we can't do her room. Instead I have a closet with all of her stuff gathered for her room. I painted her a big canvas painting to hang and Rob will do some origami for above the crib. Then there's lots of little things to add. But I think not doing her room has probably been good for me. Not feeling the pressure to complete it. And I also think it'll be relatively easy to complete it once we can go in there since everything is all together already.

We've tried to prep Finn as much as we can for him to understand. But we'll see, he is certainly a mama's boy right now. The fact that I won't be able to pick him up for a number of weeks while recovering from the c-section may be a little difficult, but we think he'll be great whether sooner or later.

So we're T-minus 4 days from my scheduled c-section and meeting this sweet baby girl. My hospital bag is packed. The car seat is almost in the car. Our schedule for Finn is set. We're as ready as we can be. Looking forward to the new adventures and praying for God's grace and peace to fill us as we transition to becoming a family of FOUR!

Can't wait to meet you sweet girl!

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