Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Birth Story - Skye Elizabeth

Our newest member joined our family almost four weeks ago. She's been such a joy and a pretty easy baby which we are incredibly thankful for. Before more time passes I wanted to write out the day before I forget any details about her delivery and our first days together.

This story is a little different from Finn's as this was a planned c-section. Finn was a regular vaginal delivery, this time however my placenta was too low that it presented a major risk. So we had the date of September 2nd planned and ready to go.

September 2nd:

4:00am - Our alarms go off. We were scheduled to be at the hospital by 5:30am. Beforehand, I needed to take my second shower with antibacterial soap (a prep for surgery) and then pack the rest of my things. Rob started to get his coffee ready but then we got a call from my mom (who was coming to our house to be with Finn) offering to pick up a Starbucks for Rob. I was restricted from any food or drink since midnight.

5:10am - Mom arrives, we snag a pic with my phone and then leave for the hospital.

5:23am - We arrive at the hospital, I was feeling a lil nervous but nothing intense yet. It was just so weird knowing in advance that I'd be having our baby in a few hours. In natural labor, you just never know how long it'll take or even if it'll happen that day.

5:30am - After we check-in, we're directed to sit in a waiting area. There's a screen with the progress of surgeries...I didn't want to face that staring at the different stages of surgery, and instead we sat against the wall. We talked and laughed about randomness. All to distract me from my name being called.

6:00am - "Lisa?" My name was called, and Rob was told to wait. I went back with the lady where they weighed me, and I think that was it. It was a sweet pre-op nurse named Pearl. After emptying my bladder for the 90th time that day I walked out and saw a line of beds separated by sheets, some people were laying in them and I put together they were waiting for surgeries. I didn't know they did the surgeries in a big swoop like this appeared to be. Pearl walked me to my curtained bed and told me to get into my gown and fashionable socks. She said she'd be back after assisting a patient.

I changed and got into my comfy bed, lol. It was freezing in there but it felt amazing to me. Pearl checked on me and asked if I needed more blankets, only to realize I didn't even get under the blankets on my bed. I told her it felt amazing in there and she laughed. I laid there for a while while she worked with prepping a patient. During that time I just prayed and made myself enjoy the free time to just lay and relax. Eventually Pearl came back and then put in my IV. I kept telling myself, all I'll mostly feel during this time is an IV and a needle in the spine for the anesthesia. Doable sounding, right? After Pearl was done and I drank a disgusting antacid drink that tasted like sour grapes, she brought Rob back. He took some pics and inspected my IV.

7:15am - After a bit, it was getting close to 7:30am (surgery time) and Rob was then escorted to change...I'd then meet him in the OR room. I said bye and thank you to Pearl, she made me laugh and feel relaxed, I can't express how much I appreciate them. We get to the door of the OR and my first thought is a lil ridiculous..."this looks nothing like Grey's Anatomy". LOL...the OR wasn't dark or sleek looking, it had everything but was just super white and bright. I said that to the nurses with me and they laughed. I then was prepped for surgery, catheter inserted (such a pleasant experience!) and a needle in the spine which made it easier to take when the lady said, "it'll just feel like a bee sting". A nurse held me during that and told me stories about her kids. I love distractions, they obviously know it helps as well.

7:30am - Rob comes in with his scrubs on and a phone and our Nikon in hand. He's so cute. By that time my arms were sprawled out and a lady started to tests on me to see if the anesthesia was kicking in. First she used a cold compress on my shoulder and asked if I could feel that (I could) then she went to my belly to see if I could feel it still the same way. Later my doctor did the same sort of test before making the incision.

7:45am - My doctor comes in says hi. She said she's extra perky this morning because she (and her kids) all had a great nights sleep. Not long after she asked if I felt something, I said I didn't think so and she kinda chuckled saying that I would've known if I had felt that. Then without prompting I assumed she began with the slicing. Rob and I just looked at each other and smiled, waiting, I'd update him letting him know I couldn't feel anything, lol. Then at one point my doctor said, you're now going to feel a lot of pressure. At this point, I could tell they were working on getting our girl out as my body was obviously undergoing intense pressure, lol. About a minute later, we heard a beautiful cry, our girl was out. Happy tears and excitement washed over me as they held her over the curtain for us to see.

She was born at 8:13am, which me with my number fascination enjoyed that as 813 in our area code, so I probably won't forget that.

After her vitals were quickly checked, we did skin on skin, and I got to hold our sweet girl while they stitched/glued me up. After I was done, we were wheeled to recovery where I got to hold her and nurse and rest until being wheeled to our room.

The overall experience in the hospital was great, I find myself so fond of the memories of being in the hospital for those first few days with these two babes. It's full of excitement, anticipation, pain (lol), lack of privacy, chicken strips, even a little HGTV!

It all felt easier this time (not necessarily the c-section recovery, that's interesting for the first few days) but just having a newborn wasn't as scary this time. With Finn, Rob and I didn't know anything. I'll never forget when we unashamedly called for a nurse to teach us how to swaddle!

We stayed two nights and thankfully our schedule with Finn being at home worked out great. Rob would leave the hospital at night to do dinner, bath and bedtime with him and then come back to me and Skye to sleep. (don't worry, we didn't leave Finn alone, my dad was with him)

Skye's been such a good girl. She's adjusting to this world so well and has us all very much in love. She's amazing.

Welcome to the world baby girl. Goodness, we love you so much!

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  1. What a wonderful post documenting that special day! ❤️ You all look great and so happy!



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