Saturday, October 3, 2015

One Month!

Our little sweetness turned one month yesterday.

She's been an absolute joy and suuuuuch an easy baby. The nights have been great, just mostly waking up to nurse and she is just adapting to the world so easily. Some of her favorites are eating, watching big brother play with cars or rocks, sleeping (we should have a "sleepyskye" hashtag by now, girl loves to sleep), eating some more, cuddling on the bed with mama, baths, and sleeping some more.

We just love her little expressive toes...

It's like she's pointing them in this pic below...

I always saw myself having boys so it's been just amazing the feelings that came over me with having this baby girl. I was the mom who was kinda scared of having a girl. Well, we know girls can be scary with our emotions and teenage years (yeah, so I skipped school for 19 days in 9th grade, what's the big deal?!) lol, but truly I'm excited for now and the years to come with her. Hoping to be the best mom I can be for her, not perfect, but hey maybe she'll want to craft or decorate with me? Finn can join too if he'd put down his excavators for a second. :))

Happy one month, sweetness!!!

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  1. I love how you describe Skye. A lot of love 💕💕 she is beautiful! Xo



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