Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pumkin Patchin' It

Besides buying my yearly cinnamon broom and pulling out a few decorative pumpkins, we hadn't done much fall stuff. I was kinda wanting to wait to visit a pumpkin patch when it was a cool day, but alas Florida falls are pretty hot. So we've been aching to get out of our crazy house (still under repair from mold removal) so we headed to our local pumpkin patch. The pumpkins aren't the cheapest, but the little patch is just too adorable. 

We've driven by the patch a few times on the way to my mom's house and Finn's been ready to pay it a visit.

This boy...he loves to hug things to make me go "awww"...

Skye was ecstatic. Love our beautiful baby girl.

This big ol' pumpkin is the lucky one that came home with us.

Such a big boy...

And can't leave this last pic out. Now that we have two littles the unloading of the car is a little more interesting. First Finn gets out and I have him stay within sight or hold my hand or something. As we got Skye out this time, he wrapped his little hands around my leg.

I was telling Rob the other night that it can be easy to forget in the day to day that these little ones won't stay little forever. Soaking up these sweet moments together, and I'm sure that one day we'll miss being exhausted, covered in food particles, and making memories. 

Excited to get to working on their costumes for this year! 

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  1. awww is right. so sweet are these pictures it made me cry. love you all!
    love mom



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