Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Months!

This beautiful girl turned two months last Monday...

She is almost 4lbs heavier than her birth weight and a few inches longer (I honestly can't remember the number they told me, lol, mama brain is very real).

She's been such an easy baby. Sleeps well, eats well, has a pretty happy disposition. For the first few months with Finn he was just so uncomfortable. We didn't know any different, so we've enjoyed this change of pace while having a very active almost three year old. :))

I attempted two times to get her monthly pic, hence the different onesie below. Here's daddy trying to get a smile out of the girl. She's such a smiley little one but only when we're up close and talking/cooing with her...

It's been such a joy watching her grow and watching her big brother just l-o-v-e on her. It's absolutely precious. We love you sweet girl and can't imagine life without you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Our little cuties...

Dad: Hey Finn, what's your sister dressed up as?
Finn: *Points* A cwoud!

Here's a better shot of our girl's costume...

She even eventually started to fall asleep in this thing, lol. 

To make the cloud, I just sewed some tulle around a white onesie, then hung the thing outside while I used spray adhesive to stick batting onto the tulle. For the pants I just created a raindrop template out of cardboard and painted little raindrops on the front and back.

These lips of Finn's...he was just being silly here, but he typically likes to bring them out when the rebellion is coming on...oh good ol' rebellion. :))

My favorite part of the truck are the lights that you can't see too well. We had a spare string of battery operated lights (that I bought for his tent) and I just kept them in their box and wrapped them in red paper, they glow red in the dark. He was a fan and had fun watching the whole thing come together piece by piece. After each of his naps, he'd always gasp to see my new progress. Seeing his proud smile is so worth it.

Here's the instagram pic I took of Skye in her lil costume, she just melts my heart. Pure sweetness this girl is.

I had been talking about going to Aunt Jen and Uncle Greg's house for Halloween with Finn and he's been super excited. It's definitely that age where these holidays are getting extra fun. Here he is taking an m&m break in the evening...

But in all reality, after house THREE, this is what he truly preferred! Hah! One thing I've learned from parenting...roll with it!!!

In other news, our house repairs (our master bedroom and Skye's room) are finally completed so we are in the process of moving back into those rooms. After wanting to decorate my baby girl's room for so long, I'm finally able to start. It'll be a lil slow, but things will start coming together soon. Will take pics and share. Also need to get on taking those fall family photos. If only it felt even slightly like fall in this sweaty place called Florida...

Happy November!


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