Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Months!

This beautiful girl turned two months last Monday...

She is almost 4lbs heavier than her birth weight and a few inches longer (I honestly can't remember the number they told me, lol, mama brain is very real).

She's been such an easy baby. Sleeps well, eats well, has a pretty happy disposition. For the first few months with Finn he was just so uncomfortable. We didn't know any different, so we've enjoyed this change of pace while having a very active almost three year old. :))

I attempted two times to get her monthly pic, hence the different onesie below. Here's daddy trying to get a smile out of the girl. She's such a smiley little one but only when we're up close and talking/cooing with her...

It's been such a joy watching her grow and watching her big brother just l-o-v-e on her. It's absolutely precious. We love you sweet girl and can't imagine life without you.

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