Monday, December 7, 2015

Fall Family Photos 2015

It happened.

And without tears.

We ventured all the way out to our backyard and snagged a family pic.


I've been wanting to take these for about a month now but a huge part of the hold up was that our little boy kept getting boo-boos on his face. He hit his mouth on a dresser the day before Thanksgiving and on the same day hit his head on the corner of our bed frame while leaning down to pick up a toy. Poor buddy. He still has a slight boo-boo under his nose from being sick, but hey, this will do. :))

Oh and can we talk about how handsome Rob is? Mm hmm, I agree.

"Here Finn, hold the camera remote while mommy and daddy put baby Skye on your shoulders!" I told Rob we should recreate this photo one day...LOL...

The boy was then graciously dismissed as he was eager to play with the bubbles and acorns and sticks.

Love this girl so much.

And just as a random side note...I am chopping all of this hair off. Well not all, but it's going above my shoulders. It's just so long and getting caught in everything. I've been pushing back my hair appointment as the boys tend to require it more often. So I'm required to go tomorrow because my husband knows that I've been wanting/needing it. So maybe afterward we'll do a "Fall Family Photo Part 2 - Lisa's new hair".

Hah, probably not.

So thankful for this little family of mine.

Hoping you all are well and enjoying the season no matter what season you may be in. I'm reminded once again of the hope this season brings. The hope we need for this broken world. God's grace is amazing.

Love to you all!

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