Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

My favorite weekend arrived. 

We woke up early on Thursday and got dressed and headed to Nana's house to watch the parade and eat breakfast. I hoped Finn would find the parade interesting because I love watching it, lol, but instead he preferred to throw sticks out front on the steps. At least the weather was beautiful and breezy!

Baby girl enjoyed herself as well. I can't believe she turns three months in a few days. Seriously, time flies quicker with the second born. Soaking up her sweetness.

The next day is typically the day we go get our tree. I had a different idea for us this time to go out to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own.

They had a little "train" that we were excited for Finn to get on.

These next pictures melt my heart capturing Finn's sweet smile. Skye was sleeping, but we managed to get her in a few of these shots. :))

That smile...

Oh and did I mention that we ended up leaving without a tree? Haha, ah the fun of making memories. The trees that you could cut down were just the douglas fir ones and I'm a fraser fir kinda gal. They had some frasers pre-cut, but I'm also a frugal gal. And I knew that the prices were much cheaper at Lowes. So we ended up going there. But hey, a train ride and some animal watching was pretty nifty.

The next day, I'm pretty sure we were all recovering from a long day out. Lots of getting in and out of car seats and we were just happy to be home. All my three loves sleeping.

After daddy headed to work, I started stringing the lights on our tree while Skye watched and Finn sorted through his precious bucket of cars. :))

We took some annual family photos outside with my tripod today. It was eventful, but maybe we managed to get a good one. Hoping you all are well and enjoying this beautiful season!

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