Saturday, December 12, 2015

Three Months!

Last week our sweet girl turned three months.

One of my favorite things is watching her smile. Seriously when she gives us her big, wide mouth smile, I almost melt into a puddle. She also likes to have "conversations" and will just coo all the way through it. I remember doing this with Finn...those "conversations" are some of the best.

She's also a big girl. (well big from our experience with Finn as he was just a lil thing) Are we slightly obsessed with her rolls on her thighs? Mm hmm. Totally. She can wear 3-6 month clothes (even when she was just 2 months old) and even fits into some 6 month clothing.

The kids are both still at home as we were able to work out our work schedules for Rob to be home with them while I'm at work. We are very grateful.

Finn even joined in for some of the pics. Well, like two.

He then was told he couldn't go outside to which he stormed back in the house.

I'd like to think that Rob and I do pretty well holding our laughs in, but sometimes this kid will do some ridiculously funny things while throwing a little fit. We do a lot of laughing inside our heads and then typically reenact the fit after Finn's gone to bed.

Thankful for these two little ones. And this little 3 month old girl just made my heart grow more than I could imagine.

Oh and this little tongue...

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  1. She is just so precious!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️



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