Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finn's Third Birthday

Our little boy is growing up! Gah, I can't believe he turned three. I find it so weird how it can feel like he's been in our lives forever and yet it's only been three years.

The night before his birthday I put on his shirt from when he turned two and told him to say "peace out twos". It's a miracle to get any clear pictures of this constantly moving toddler. This pic just makes me tear up and smile at the same time.

We decided to keep it low-key this year and celebrated his birthday with just the four of us. I'm thinking this summer I want to have a party celebrating his half birthday. Have I mentioned this before? With his birthday being so close to Christmas I think I'll want to do this in the years to come. Mainly because he gets gifts from us and family and then to have a birthday 2 weeks later is a bit much to get more gifts. So I'm thinking in July we'll celebrate his half birthday with a little party. I know people rent out those bounce houses, but do they rent out garbage trucks? If you have a connection, let. me. know. :))

His face in the above blurry pic. Insert all of the heart eyes.

So going back to his birthday. We woke him up and took him to the dining room to see that the birthday fairy came. He ooo'ed and ahhh'ed at the balloons and decorations. Later when Rob's mom stopped by I heard her tell him "what pretty balloons" and he responded, "yeah, mommy made them!"

So much for believing in a birthday fairy.

We celebrated in the morning with a donut "birthday cake" and sang happy birthday to him first thing. We then repeated this probably 5 times per his request. He sings along with us too. He just loves that song. Afterward, we played with his gift and then later got dressed and headed to lunch and bounce house heaven.

We were the only ones there and watching him jump around and get all sweaty was the best. Was there a little meltdown? Sure, but I promise the kid was worn out. 

Later in the evening we had a real cake and sang to him again along with some yummy pizza.

The following day we visited the local aquarium. He just started getting into Nemo so he was very excited when we got to a tank that had two clownfish (looked like Nemo and his dad) and a few blue fish that looked like Dori. It was fun and he just kept saying "wanna see moe fish!". Yeah, we ended up walking through the place two times. Hah!

The following days we continued to enjoy every remaining piece of cake with candles and the birthday song. :))

Can't believe this boy is THREE! You are such a joy and light to us, little boy. God has so graciously given you to us and we are truly, truly, honored to be your parents. Mommy and daddy love you so much big boy. Happy birthday, my love. xoxo

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Four Months!

This little one is just growing, growing, growing. Her last appointment weighed her in at just 2 ounces shy of 13 lbs. She's almost doubled her birth weight and our arms are feeling it! :))

She's such a joy. This past month, she started rolling over. Like every opportunity she gets, she gathers up little legs rolls them to the side. Still wobbly, but she knows what she's doing now. Except she doesn't seem to be a fan of being on her stomach. :))

She's a smiley little one. Cooing and smiling and yes, sometimes screaming. But truly she just continues to adapt so well to this world. Some of my favorite and funniest memories so far is when Rob holds Skye and has her "walk" around. Like a doll. He just lifts her up and makes it appear she's jumping from the floor to the bookcase to the bed. It makes all of us crack up. Skye doesn't mind either, she's a trooper.

Her favorites right now are eating, sleeping on mommy after she's eaten, watching her big brother run around and play, watching Frozen with Finn, having our full attention. The last one can be hard with having a toddler, especially if you're along at night. Skye definitely prefers you talking with her or paying her some sort of attention or she can get agitated.

Sleep lately has changed. I remember this with Finn that it just went through it's phases. I try to keep her up and feed her as late as I can (since I don't head to bed till 11/11:30). She then was sleeping through the night with only 50/50 chance of waking up for a middle of the night feeding. Well, lately she's waking up more like 2-3 times a night. Sometimes when I get to work I add up the hours of sleep I had the night prior and sometimes it's in the 3 1/2-4 hour range. Miraculously I'm still able to function, but I am tired. Rob is too. This is parenthood, though, right?

So that was a whole lot of rambling, but just summing up this past month with our baby girl. Love watching her grow, but man this is going fast!


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