Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vacation in O-Town

A few weeks ago we took our first family of four vacay. Skye's first little getaway.

Since Finn's skin doesn't react too well to the sand at the beach, we went inland to Orlando and stayed at a resort type of hotel with a really awesome pool.

Our typical day started out with breakfast on our balcony (14th floor!) then a quick change into our bathing suits and then down to the pool.

Finn really got into swimming with his little floats on, it really helped him get a sense of the water and closing his mouth when jumping. He practiced kicking and paddling (or as Rob tells him "scooping his hands like an excavator") lol. Our boy is still obsessed with everything truck related.

In the evening we went out exploring. One night we visited a T-Rex restaurant with animatronic dinosaurs, we went to Target (lol), and just mostly just drove around. It was too hot to do anything outside that didn't involve water, and theme parks were not really on our to-do list for this trip. Oh and there was a Bass Pro Shop visit as well, lol...

One night we got into this huge tub in our room and blew bubbles. Skye pretty much just slid around while I held onto her. She is in complete explore mode, I just love the stage she's in. Finn was having fun blowing bubbles, he's a total pro. I'll be printing this picture for sure. <3

Here's the little tulip in the morning. Up until almost two weeks ago this baby girl was not a great sleeper, waking frequently (like 4-6 times a night), but thankfully she's turned a corner! I just love her sweet face in the morning.

One of my favorite memories I didn't get a photo of, Rob and I are trying to remember to do more one-on-one time with Finn. So him and I got back in our swimsuits in the evening and went back down to the pool together. He was so stinking cute swimming and holding onto my back while we navigated different parts of the pool. He loved acting out various scenes from one of his favorite TV shows, Peppa the Pig. It was hilarious. We were surrounded by lots of UK visitors so that was fun (me and my love for all things British). It was a sweet memory, love our boy.

We had such a fun time. Tiring? Oh yes, but worth it. We got back and I wanted to book another little getaway for the four of us. So thankful we were able to have some time together and make some sweet and funny memories.

On a side note, I've been backlogged with blog posts due to our computer's drives being broken. Because of it I'm unable to upload pictures from my Nikon. I've been keeping up with taking photos of Skye for her monthly pic and even typing up the content for the blog, but it's just all on hold. I think I even have an Easter blog typed up! LOL...anyway, so one day when our computer is fixed and I can upload the photos I'll be posting like 10 posts in one night. 

I also am feeling I need to start getting into a rhythm of doing some sort of printable book to recap vacations and such. Ah, the mama's work of keeping photos and memories organized is an ongoing one.

Hoping you all are well!

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