Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eleven Months!

Oh, our little peach. Sigh...

How can she be eleven months already? This past month has been super fun watching this little girl learn how to WALK! It's still slightly shocking when I catch a glimpse of this little tiny person walking around, I love it. She's still a super happy smiley little light. I'm so thankful for her pretty easy going personality. Not that she doesn't have some attitude and sassy-ness sometimes, but she's the sweetest. 

Here's some of her likes/dislikes:

  • WALKING - can't stop this girl, she's worked hard and continues to work to make this her main form of self-transportation. We love when she gets super excited about something and walks really fast.
  • Smiling - she's a happy baby, we also love how she kicks her leg out when someone is talking to her...we call it her flirty leg.
  • Eating - green beans, blueberries, puffs, pasta, bread, she loves to eat. 
  • Playing with Finn's toys - I was talking to Rob about how different it is with your second. For Finn we just had baby toys for him to play with in his room. Skye has her toys and also race cars, puzzles, a tractor, dinosaurs, and all sorts of other things that she loves to play with. She still likes her stuff too, but we tend to play more in Finn's room.
  • Pushing anything across the floor - this always cracks me up, she'll get something like a dish towel, and push it from one side of the house to the other just riding it out as it tends to give her extra speed. It's hard to explain, but she loves doing this.
  • Mama and nursing - had to throw this one in there, because she does love her mama. But she also is very happy with daddy too. But girl loves to cuddle up and nurse. I can't believe we went this far, but it's been working well. She also loves to grab a handful of my hair with her free hand. It's sweet. Painful sometimes when she's sassy, but sweet. :D
  • Diaper changes - yep, just like Finn (and probably a lot of babies out there??)
  • Missing out - it's been the hardest thing establishing a nap schedule for this girl because I think she has major fear of missing out. Her naps are typically short and she's just ready to get out or her crib and join the party. 
  • Not eating - I just had to include this because it's the saddest thing when I make homemade cookies or eat ice cream with Finn and she's can't enjoy it just yet, but we do have treats for her that are especially hers. And seriously, she loves green beans like nobody's business. 
  • Growing teeth - hah, what I mean by this is that baby girl is still TOOTHLESS! But she can chew like a pro with her gums. I seriously love that we get these extra months of toothless grins (and avoiding getting bit is pretty nice too)

Skye's Nursery

I find it funny that the completion of Skye's nursery goes hand-in-hand with her sleeping through the night. Makes sense though, right? :)

I didn't want too much time to pass before taking pics of this girl's room. It was different decorating over a long period of time, but I really like how it all came out. There's one more picture that I want to change, but overall, I'm happy that it's mostly done. And before it changes or got worn, I wanted to take some pics to remember it by.

We made a lot of the things in her room. I knew I wanted geometric shapes for her mobile so my sweet talented origami-folding husband got to work on the paper I chose and created these beauties. I painted the mountain-scape picture above her changing table and the cute little bunny on another wall. A friend painted a picture that says "with brave wings she flies". I drew a peach on a chalkboard since I find myself often calling her that. Peach, tulip, tulip tree, Skye-pie, schmoo,

I updated her baskets and she has her own bucket of books like Finn has in his big boy room. The cloud pillow in her crib was something I've been wanting to buy for years from Land of Nod. A number of things are from there but it mostly was an inexpensive update to make this room her own.

I'm still of the belief that decorating kids rooms is one of the most fun things to do. I'll be taking pics of Finn's big boy room soon as well. :D

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ten Months!

(catching up on old blog posts I typed up in the past - had some picture uploading issues)

Yep, this sweet little girl is 10 months old.

There's so many things I don't want to forget about this stage that Skye is in. We love how she can crawl super fast when she really wants to get something. She loves to crawl into Finn's tent and giggles the whole time and then collapses on her back in the pile of pillows and cushions. She's mastered waving, she loves to eat, she loves pulling things off of tables. She loves finding every spec of randomness on the floor and the proceeds to put it in her mouth. Her temperament is so precious and sweet. She's such a smiley little girl. Have I mentioned the noise she makes when she's excited? She does a very loud inhale noise, it's hard to explain, but it's her thing. Probably freaked us out at first, but it's like her way of showing excitement, it's so cute. She also does an adorable thing with her leg, like when she gets it's excited when you're talking to her or something, she'll move it around. I call it her flirty leg.

Can't believe you're 10 months already sweet girl. I love watching you grow and I just love the joy and sunshine you bring to our family.

Oh and I love how you're sleeping through the night all on your own. Thank you for that, sweetness. :)

Nine Months!

(catching up on old posts that I typed in the past - had issues with uploading pictures)

Let's take a moment to appreciate that our baby girl is finally sleeping!!!!!

Yes, after much prayer and patience (and lack of sometimes) our girl is sleeping better and better each night. It's like it's finally clicking for her and mommy (and daddy!) couldn't be happier. 

We just got back from her 9 month checkup and she's weighing in at 17.1 lbs. She's 2 lbs heavier than her brother was at this age. She's such a joy to our lives, I just keep wanting to freeze this awesome stage she's in. 

We love you so much, tulip!

Eight Months!

(catching up on old posts that I typed up in the past - had some picture uploading issues)

Someone is 8 months old.

Baby girl is:
  • Crawling everywhere
  • Puts everything in her mouth
  • Loves to eat
  • Doesn't love to sleep by herself (mm hmm, she usually wakes up within 3-30 minutes if not with someone)
  • Has the sweetest personality and temperament...her smile just does it for me
  • Loves laughing at her brother (she even likes it when he picks her up or pushes her in her pack and play...well he's not actually pushing her, it's hard to explain :)
  • Loves her mom
  • Loves her dad when mom isn't home

We love you Skye, happy eight months baby girl!

Sleepy Skye

One morning before Skye slept well in her own room, I started taking pics of the sleeping girl in our bed. She then started to wake up, and well, her sleepy face is one of my favorites.

Sweet kisses from brother. Because every morning is filled with kindness and selflessness. :D :D


(catching up on old posts that I typed up in the past - had some picture uploading issues)

This Easter weekend was a fun one. I think I'm realizing how much I enjoy this weekend, so much so that it's probably one of my favorite weekends of the year. It was fun and so strange getting TWO baskets ready this year, it just blows my mind still that we have two kids.

We had fun dying eggs this year for the first time. Finn loved watching the things change colors in the cups. At his request, we drew a garbage truck, excavator, a bus, fire truck and ambulance on our eggs with a special crayon. Then Rob gave Finn a hilarious egg hunt in each room of our house. Rob is just the most creative when it comes to hiding places. Our favorite was the egg hunt in Finn's room and Rob hid an egg inside Finn's miniature trash can.

We had a great time at church -- it was just me and the kids while Rob slept off his previous night shift, then we went to my dad and stepmom's house for lunch and an egg hunt.

This weekend is such a beautiful story of grace and redemption...my heart is full.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Seven Months!

(catching up on old posts that I typed up in the past - had some picture uploading issues)

This little beauty turned seven months!

She's crawling like crazy, like literally so fast and all over the place. She pulls up and stands which is always such a crazy sight to see someone so tiny actually standing. She's just absolutely precious. We love how smiley she is, we love her sleepy face and sleepy smiles she gives us in the morning, we love her chubby thighs and bum. It is so hard to remember life without her. We love you our little tulip, happy seven months!

Six Months!

(catching up on old posts that I typed up in the past - had some picture uploading issues)

Half a year old already. Our little tulip.

She's weighing in a 14 lbs 9 ounces. Doubled over her birth weight. Man this age is so fun to watch. She's generally just a happy, smiley, hungry, curious little girl. She's grabbing things left and right. Scooting around in circles. Doing planks. She loves watching her brother jump around. Oh and baby girl is quite a fan on Frozen. When desperate times come and we need to get ready quickly while keeping her entertained, we'll just place her on her play mat and put Frozen on. We think her biggest smile comes out for Olaf's song. We're late in the Frozen train, but man, Olaf cracks me up. Wish we could have a little snowman bouncing around our house.

It's been a fun month. I'm getting her room together for her to officially move in there pretty soon. She's been in a mini crib in our room. She still doesn't sleep long. A good night is only waking up once or twice. Her room is next to Finn's, so I've worried about her cries waking up him once we have her in there, but we've gotta make the move eventually. I'm ready to get that routine going for her and for us not to have to tip toe around in our room.

Happy 6 months, sweetness! We love you baby girl.


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