Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eleven Months!

Oh, our little peach. Sigh...

How can she be eleven months already? This past month has been super fun watching this little girl learn how to WALK! It's still slightly shocking when I catch a glimpse of this little tiny person walking around, I love it. She's still a super happy smiley little light. I'm so thankful for her pretty easy going personality. Not that she doesn't have some attitude and sassy-ness sometimes, but she's the sweetest. 

Here's some of her likes/dislikes:

  • WALKING - can't stop this girl, she's worked hard and continues to work to make this her main form of self-transportation. We love when she gets super excited about something and walks really fast.
  • Smiling - she's a happy baby, we also love how she kicks her leg out when someone is talking to her...we call it her flirty leg.
  • Eating - green beans, blueberries, puffs, pasta, bread, she loves to eat. 
  • Playing with Finn's toys - I was talking to Rob about how different it is with your second. For Finn we just had baby toys for him to play with in his room. Skye has her toys and also race cars, puzzles, a tractor, dinosaurs, and all sorts of other things that she loves to play with. She still likes her stuff too, but we tend to play more in Finn's room.
  • Pushing anything across the floor - this always cracks me up, she'll get something like a dish towel, and push it from one side of the house to the other just riding it out as it tends to give her extra speed. It's hard to explain, but she loves doing this.
  • Mama and nursing - had to throw this one in there, because she does love her mama. But she also is very happy with daddy too. But girl loves to cuddle up and nurse. I can't believe we went this far, but it's been working well. She also loves to grab a handful of my hair with her free hand. It's sweet. Painful sometimes when she's sassy, but sweet. :D
  • Diaper changes - yep, just like Finn (and probably a lot of babies out there??)
  • Missing out - it's been the hardest thing establishing a nap schedule for this girl because I think she has major fear of missing out. Her naps are typically short and she's just ready to get out or her crib and join the party. 
  • Not eating - I just had to include this because it's the saddest thing when I make homemade cookies or eat ice cream with Finn and she's can't enjoy it just yet, but we do have treats for her that are especially hers. And seriously, she loves green beans like nobody's business. 
  • Growing teeth - hah, what I mean by this is that baby girl is still TOOTHLESS! But she can chew like a pro with her gums. I seriously love that we get these extra months of toothless grins (and avoiding getting bit is pretty nice too)

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