Friday, August 12, 2016

Six Months!

(catching up on old posts that I typed up in the past - had some picture uploading issues)

Half a year old already. Our little tulip.

She's weighing in a 14 lbs 9 ounces. Doubled over her birth weight. Man this age is so fun to watch. She's generally just a happy, smiley, hungry, curious little girl. She's grabbing things left and right. Scooting around in circles. Doing planks. She loves watching her brother jump around. Oh and baby girl is quite a fan on Frozen. When desperate times come and we need to get ready quickly while keeping her entertained, we'll just place her on her play mat and put Frozen on. We think her biggest smile comes out for Olaf's song. We're late in the Frozen train, but man, Olaf cracks me up. Wish we could have a little snowman bouncing around our house.

It's been a fun month. I'm getting her room together for her to officially move in there pretty soon. She's been in a mini crib in our room. She still doesn't sleep long. A good night is only waking up once or twice. Her room is next to Finn's, so I've worried about her cries waking up him once we have her in there, but we've gotta make the move eventually. I'm ready to get that routine going for her and for us not to have to tip toe around in our room.

Happy 6 months, sweetness! We love you baby girl.

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