Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Skye's Nursery

I find it funny that the completion of Skye's nursery goes hand-in-hand with her sleeping through the night. Makes sense though, right? :)

I didn't want too much time to pass before taking pics of this girl's room. It was different decorating over a long period of time, but I really like how it all came out. There's one more picture that I want to change, but overall, I'm happy that it's mostly done. And before it changes or got worn, I wanted to take some pics to remember it by.

We made a lot of the things in her room. I knew I wanted geometric shapes for her mobile so my sweet talented origami-folding husband got to work on the paper I chose and created these beauties. I painted the mountain-scape picture above her changing table and the cute little bunny on another wall. A friend painted a picture that says "with brave wings she flies". I drew a peach on a chalkboard since I find myself often calling her that. Peach, tulip, tulip tree, Skye-pie, schmoo,

I updated her baskets and she has her own bucket of books like Finn has in his big boy room. The cloud pillow in her crib was something I've been wanting to buy for years from Land of Nod. A number of things are from there but it mostly was an inexpensive update to make this room her own.

I'm still of the belief that decorating kids rooms is one of the most fun things to do. I'll be taking pics of Finn's big boy room soon as well. :D

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